It's fairly apparent due to the amount of times we've had to explain the pronunciation of our name, that EDANA (ee-dah-na) is unique, to say the least. In some ways, Edana was born many moons ago in Astoria, Queens. At least that's where the two people that it would be named after would grow up; Anita Sayago, born Ana C. Fernandez and Edward Luisi aka Ed or Eddie Luisi. Eddie would participate in an internship at GMA while attending Hunter College, which upon graduation would turn into a full time gig Eddie would become "Stage Manager to the Stars" at Good Morning America in NYC...a position and profession he is blessed to say continues today. Anita would later attend, Baruch College, CUNY in New York City where she would pursue her degree in Marketing with a minor in Psychology.

In its simplest form Edana was created with the "Ed" in Eddie and the "Ana" from Anita's legal name. What made it even more appealing was that Edana also had other meanings, which include: "little fire" "fire" "passionate" "fiery" all of which personify Edana's owner, Anita Sayago, and how she feels about the people and projects she works with. 

The funniest definition of Edana is found in the Urban Dictionary at www.urbandictionary.com

While some of it describes its creator very well, those that know her realize that others couldn't be further than the truth. At the end of the day, it's worth sharing, as the important elements are noted:

An independent, funny woman. Likes to appear androgynous on occasion but is still feminine. Weird by name, weird by nature. Doesn't drink often, but when she does she isn't afraid to go all out. Very unique; piercings, tattoos, hair. She isn't one to start a confrontation, but will always fight her corner. Has a large obsession with David Bowie. Spends far too much time blogging. Worries about her appearance to a certain extent, but still has hairy arm pits. Basically, she's mental, but loveable. Critical, but honest. amazing friend. when she says the friendship is for life she means it, just don't mess up on your part because she won't be messed about

To sums things up, Edana was created by two friends and professionals that grew up in the same town, shared the same church, friends, and core values. It was a blessing to have Eddie Luisi as part of Edana Entertainment, but he was recently called to put all of his heart and soul into his ministry; Fences Coming Down. We will miss him here at EDANA, but know his ministry is serving an amazing purpose!! We welcome you to visit his site at www.fencescomingdown.com


Edana's goal is to work collaboratively with other businesses, professionals, artists, and others. in order to create something very special. At the core, who you are, and who you are trying to convey that to, is what we are here to help you define. Passion is what fuels Edana -  from producing on the set of a project, to assisting in the development of an up and coming talent....if we didn't love what we do, and the people we work with, we wouldn't be able to do it. 

Our goal is to be integral to your project in any way possible. Whether you need musicians, models, actors, production crews, etc. we are blessed with the access and contacts to facilitate that for you. We are not in the business of ego management, and understand that it is in a team player mentality that things get done...and get done well.

Edana Entertainment is an East Coast company, but with regards to its talent and collaborations, is not limited to a particular geographic location. Essentially, it is their goal to bring local, and regional talent, that may otherwise be overlooked, to the forefront of the industry. It is important for them to see the local music and film scene grow, expand, and reach new heights. While Edana makes no promises, nor do they have a crystal ball, they strongly believe that the artist's they chose to work with have that "something special" in addition to the "all in" mentality and work ethic that is necessary in the entertainment business. Edana is aware of the odds of making it in the industry, and uses this knowledge to fuel their artist's, rather than discourage them.

Edana is about building relationship with its artist's and clients, and affording them opportunities they may not have otherwise. They work hard to facilitate their artist's journey in the industry. Their goal will always be to take the artist to the next level by providing them with the tools, and accessibility to talented industry professionals, in order to make it happen.

At Edana's core is the understanding that everything they do is always with the utmost integrity, ethics, and deep moral principle. It is their goal to breathe life into an artist's dreams, and help them navigate the often challenging waters of the business.

With experience in several facets of the entertainment industry, and relationships with managers, producers, et. al, EDANA's services help "select" artists reach their immediate, and long term goals. EDANA's strong marketing, and promotional skills serve to enhance an artist's already existing, commercial viability, and visibility.

"With faith, talent, passion and hard work, anything is possible!" -Anita Sayago

Edana Entertainment