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Campaign Ambition Started in January 2017 by YA creator, Terence Gordon.  The Youthful Ambition Brand and Series will be producing a number of spots that will highlight the ambitions among various individuals. The Commercials ‘spots’ are directed by YA creator Terence Gordon.

and the cinematography by Brian M Kennedy. Below are the first two in the series of commercials from the campaign.

Anita Sayago of EDANA Entertainment served as Producer and Copywriter on these projects:



Edana Entertainment can serve as Producer, Creative Director, and Copywriter on your next project.  These abilities combined with Edana's amazing network of consultant's can produce commercials such as the one's below to showcase YOUR brand. Take a LOOK.

Commercial for NC Congressional Candidate, Cristian Cano:

Anita Sayago of EDANA Entertainment, and producing partner, director, Terence Gordon of Black Ink Pictures and TnG Films,collaborated on this commercial for NC Congressional candidate, Christian Cano. They pitched an idea that would not post slander but take the narrative from a small business owners approach. 

Anita Sayago of EDANA Entertainment served as Producer, Creative Director, Casting Director, and Copywriter on this project.

Youthful Ambition – A Digital Cinema Series & Brand